Book Your Stay


48 Hours
We offer a generous cancellation policy that applies with some exceptions.  Our general cancellation policy is 48 hours from the start of the day of the reservation.

Home Coming, Convocation and X-ring Bookings;
We do specify a minimum stay for these dates; you may arrive late and leave early however the charge for the stay will be based on our minimum stay.  The cancellation policy for these dates is 30 days from the start of the day of the reservation.  A 50% deposit for the entire stay is due at the 30 day timeline.

Highland Games;
A popular attraction in Antigonish.  We do have a minimum stay for the final weekend of these popular games and exhibition.

Credit Card Charges;
If we should charge your card within our cancellation policy and we agree to provide a refund, the refund will be subject to credit card fees of 4% of the charge placed on your card.